Patrick Dillon
HifiZine writer, reviewer, and editor

About Patrick Dillon

I am a guitar playing father of one in Austin TX who makes a living in academia and has a passion for music making technology. Educated in experimental social science, I spent years tweaking my audio system while wondering why our understanding of people’s response to music was so limited. I love to listen and to play, but I also want to know what makes music and its reproduction important to people.

Reviewing equipment

  • Digital: PS Audio PWT/PWD II combo with Harmonic Tech HDMI connector, Rotel 945AX,/Parasound DAC 2000 Ultra,  Tara RSC coaxial, Macbook, AudioQuest Dragonfly
  • Vinyl: SME 20/2,  SME V, Sumiko Pearwood Celebration II, Purist Audio Corvus Luminus phono cable to Whest .03RDT  Special Edition phono stage
  • Preamp: SMC Audio VRE-1
  • Amps: Spectron Musician III Mk 2 Monos, Harman Kardon BK3490 receiver, Naim Nait II
  • Speakers: Von Schweikert, VR5 Anni IIs, KEF 103/2, Pioneer BP 21SR
  • Speaker wire: Elrod custom runs for Sepctrons,  Von Schweikert Biwires, Speltz Anti-Cables, homemade 12AWG,
  • Power cords: Elrod, Genesis Technology, Spectron Thunderbolts, Wywires, PS Audio Prelude, Pangea 9.

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